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Title: And Then There Were Seven
Chapter 6: Just A Dance
Disclaimer: If you recognize it from the movie, I don't own it.
Warnings: OC character (kind of) - I've given Freeze Girl a name and a character
Rating: PG13/T
Pairing: Warren/OC, Will/Layla, Zach/Majenta
Summary: Costumes & Halloween - what could possibly go wrong? It's just a dance.
Author's Note: First posted at

Chapter 1 - MELINDA
Chapter 3 - MONDAY
Chapter 4 - DETENTE
Chapter 5 - INTERLUDE

Melinda double-checked her makeup before climbing out of the car. She had enjoyed meeting up with the girls over the weekend and coming up with costume ideas. They had left the guys on their own and had a girls-only party. A stranger three-some would be hard to create. It had been an interesting time. The peacenik vegetarian Layla, the cynical Goth-girl Majenta, and her – the sarcastic, upper class loner – who would have thought they would become friends? She gave a tiny snort.

Hollywood maybe…reminds me of Vedette's favorite movie…what was it…right, The Breakfast Club. Even the guys fit. I can't wait to see what they came up with.

She laughed as she knocked on Will's door. Josie Stronghold opened the door and smiled at her guest.

"Melinda! You were the last one we were waiting for - come in, come in. Don't you look wonderful!"

As she entered, Melinda could hear the laughter ringing in the living room. Completely in character, she swept into the room. As she took in the colorful collection of characters, she smiled in sincere appreciation. Everyone had gone all out, even Warren.

Will looked quite fierce as the Wolfman, complete with torn jeans and flannel shirt. He must have gotten help to do the hair and makeup though – it looked realistic. Layla's hair crowned a regal figure in green and gold. Her sweet face and kind eyes gave the right touch of naivety to a young Guinevere.

Zach's height and jerky movements gave an authentic feel to Frankenstein's monster. Hopefully the color would wash off his hair and skin though – his dad would freak. With her hair flowing down her back, Majenta's purple streaks matched her black and purple gown. Her shadowed eyes implied the secrets held by the powerful Morgan le Fey.

Ethan wore the busiest costume as it was divided down the center. On one side, he looked every inch the Victorian gentleman, complete with perfectly done hair and suit. However, the other side had wild hair and torn clothes. He may have had assistance as well since his face showed the same dichotomy – a perfect reflection of the dual natures of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Finally, slightly to one side, stood a figure in a tuxedo, complete with cape and walking stick. Dark eyes stared at her from a face partially obscured by the white half-mask of the Phantom of the Opera. She gazed back in astonishment and the façade cracked for a moment as Warren stepped out of character long enough to wink in amusement at her.

Steve and Josie Stronghold bustled around the room, armed with cameras to record this moment.

Will smiled at her.

"So, Melinda, who are you? You almost look like a ghost, but that's not quite it."

Warren snorted.

"Flyboy, you have got to read more."

He turned back to her to take in the full costume. From her loose, half-wild hair to her flowing gown, everything about her proclaimed the power in the feminine mystique. Her jewelry gleamed with iridescent mother-of-pearl and the sword she carried glistened with a light icy glaze. Blue eyes shimmered with amusement as everyone stared at her.

Warren nodded.

"Got it – Nimue."

She pouted for a moment before laughing.

"What gave it away?"

"Well, considering we already have Guinevere and Morgan, there was only one powerful woman left in Arthur's story – the Lady of the Lake, guardian of Excalibur. Figured the other two wouldn't have gone in together and left you out. The jewelry and sword sealed it."

Everyone laughed. Will's mom smiled and gestured for the whole group to get together. Once lined up, she snapped a couple of pictures. Even as she finished, a horn sounded outside.

"I'll make sure all of you get copies."

With a round of thanks, they hustled outside to find Ron Wilson waiting with the bus. Laughter and teasing filled the vehicle as it made the quick trip to Sky High. After arranging to meet back with Ron at ten, they moved as a group towards the gym. Instead of the glitter and bright lights of Homecoming, there were shadowy figures projected on the walls and cobwebs strung everywhere. Sound effects, including howls and screams, were interspaced with dancing music as students mingled, danced, and partied. The teachers wandered around the room, trying to keep an eye on everyone. After a few minutes looking around, Layla pulled Will onto the dance floor while Ethan struck up a conversation with Mr. Boy. Majenta and Zach stood off to the side, talking in their own strange fashion. Warren glanced down at her.

"Well, Snowflake, shall we scare the common folk?"

She lifted one eyebrow with a saucy grin.

"Do you mean to tell me, you know how to dance?"

"Please, who do think my mother was? Harmony Peace may have been the Mediator on the job, but she loved to dance. Guess who got to learn?"

"Well, by all means, lets give them whiplash."

Sure enough, people's heads turned as they entered the dance. Will and Layla grinned and shrugged before spinning off on their own. As they danced, Melinda and Warren traded comments and barbs back and forth. They each held their own, enjoying the rare opportunity to cut loose with their wits. Everything was fair game – from other people's costumes to their own tastes in books. All's fair, after all.

"Melinda! Warren!"

A call from Majenta pulled their attention around to the tables. They had gotten so involved with their game that they had ignored the passage of time. Dinner was about to be served and everyone was grabbing a table. Gracefully sliding through the crowd, the two of them joined their friends at a side table. Sitting half-hidden in shadows, the group continued its odd sort of melding.

Majenta frowned.

"Did you see Coach Boomer frowning at me? What's his issue?"

Layla smiled.

"He probably didn't recognize you. You really do look different with your hair down like that."

Melinda nodded.

"Besides, if he did recognize you, its just because our entire group upsets his world-view. Heroes are supposed to save the world while sidekicks stand off to one side and cheer."

Will agreed.

"When it took all of us to stop Royal Pain at Homecoming, we threw him off stride. First, we're a bunch of kids who made it while the adults got pacified. Second, half of us are "hero" class and the other half are "sidekick" class – that REALLY ticks him off. He's never paid much attention to the sidekicks. He wrote them off, just like everybody else."

Zach bounced.

"Yeah, dude, we totally scored on Royal Pain and her goons."

Ethan shrugged.

"He might not even be frowning at you. He's only here for the food – he doesn't want to be keeping an eye on all of us."

Warren smirked.

"Its Boomer – how can you tell?"

Everyone laughed. As dinner went along, the conversation ebbed and flowed between various parties. One moment Layla and Majenta would be discussing the public's view of the female superhero versus the male, and then Layla would turn around and argue with Ethan over the use of plants in super-potions. Warren and Melinda debated various authors and their worldviews while Zach and Will discussed music. As dinner wound down, people started shifting towards the dance floor once more, but their little group decided to wait until after dessert.

Majenta actually smiled as the waiters served the final course. When everyone looked at her, she shrugged.

"Chocolate and raspberry are my favorites. Any time they get combined is a good thing."

Once everyone was served, Layla lifted her glass of punch.

"We need a toast."

The rest of the table shook their heads, but held back any laughter. It was easier not to argue. As they all looked around, Warren finally glared at Will.

"You're the one running this bunch, Flyboy."

Melinda gave a quick nod.

"Plus she's your girlfriend."

Will sighed and wilted just a bit before sitting up and lifting his glass.

"A toast then – to us, to…to the Outsiders."

Warren and Melinda exchanged glances, but the others just grinned. Eventually, everyone raised their glasses, some shrugging, some smiling, even giggling.

"The Outsiders."

Screams rang out across the gym.

Jolting to their feet, everyone looked around to see a sinister figure holding some kind of weapon. As it fired on the crowd, people simply fell, stunned. People scattered and ran while the teachers fought the mob to get to the invader.

Majenta rolled her eyes.

"Not again."

Warren lifted an eyebrow and then turned to Melinda.

"Just a dance?"
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