profshallowness (profshallowness) wrote in skyhighfic,

Ficlet: Superhero-in-training by day, waiter by night

Title: Superhero-in-training by day, waiter by night
Author: shallowness
Pairing/Character: Warren-centric with gratuitous Warren/Layla
Rating: G
Summary: Written for the prompt ‘a foot in both worlds’ at the Three Sentence Fiction 2013 ficathon. 116 words
Spoilers/Warnings: None.

Warren would never ever admit it, but he likes working at the Paper Lantern, and it’s not because it’s a certain redheaded vegetarian’s favorite restaurant (he picked up shifts there long before Layla Williams forced her acquaintance upon him, after all). It’s just that after a day at school of preparing himself for saving the world, Maxville or at least a citizen, it’s good to immerse himself in said world, among people who don’t know that he can create fireballs that could scorch through walls. Sure, some customers are whiny jerks, but there is one that he can share a knowing look with when the talk is all about how the superheroes saved the city again.

- fin -

Feedback is very welcome. Also, I'm working on a Warren/Layla five things fic (of about 4,900 words!) and need a beta reader. Any volunteers?
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