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A Hero's Duty

This isn't actually a full fic, although I'm working on a real one. It was just a scene that wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it down.

Title: A Hero's Duty (fic scene)
Author: ryuutchi
Pairing/Character: Warren-centric
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A villain pisses Warren off
Spoilers/Warnings: There is no backstory for this, so it's a little confusing. Just keep in mind a) it's set after high school and b) you're coming in at the end of a fight.

Will went flying across the room, body encased in a block of superhard ice. His eyes were unfocused and Warren didn't need to go over to him to know that his partner was out for the count. The wound on his forehead slowly oozing blood didn't make the fiery boy any happier. In fact he was beginning to see red. "Your fight," he snarled, steam beginning to fill the air around him as the nearby frozen walls began to melt from his sheer presence, "was with ME."

She stepped back in surprise as Warren ignited despite the frost still trying to settle on him. His lips pulled back into a sneer. "I told you in the beginning, didn't I? That if anyone hurt Will Stronghold I'd burn them from the inside out so they would feel themselves being cooked alive." It wasn't even really a question, especially with the way the heat was making Warren's normally messy hair fly around his head in a dark halo.

"You, you're a hero," she stammered, grey-silver frost crystals erupting in patterns across her arms, pouring forth from her (scantily clad) body, as though seeking to devour his heat. "No hero would do something like that! Heros are good. They're righteous. They don't kill." As she spoke, Freeze Girl seemed to calm down , reassuring herself that no matter how angry Warren peace got, he was still only a Super Hero. And Super Heros might maim and hurt, but they didn't deliberately torture and kill even their worst enemies.

The nearest column of ice flared into a thin streamer of steam and disappeared, without Warren even moving. The air around him shimmered like a heat mirage, and his eyes burned with anger-- as though he could ignite with merely a gaze. But, although his eyes burned, the rest of his expression had smoothed over, as frozen as ice. "I'm good," he acknowledged, "but that doesn't mean I'm nice." He stepped forward, ice hissing into oblivion as he touched it, and Freeze Girl scrambled back, eyes wide. She waved her hand frantically, and a tsunami of ice crashed over the boy, parting before him like the red sea. All too soon there was nowhere else for her to go, her back against the wall, and her frozen defenses evaporating with a fingerlick of flame. Warren hands were both glowing, as they did right before they were about to catch alight as he reached out and grabbed her by the front of her dress. "I've never been a nice person, you see."

She shook her head, color draining from her face. "Stronghold would never let you do this." She tried one more, hand on Warren's wrist, ice flaring up, freezing him from fingertip to elbow, and she smiled in triumph from a moment. But the ice shattered like glass, flowing, liquid from his arms and vanishing before it could drip to the floor, and she jerked her hand back in pain, watching in almost morbid curiousity as flames dances along the tattoos on Warren's wrist.

"Guess what," Warren growled, voice the low rumble of a tiger about to strike, "Stronghold's unconcious. He'll never know."

He released her, and Freeze Girl was about to laugh, to mock him for being as weak as all Heros were, unable to kill her. Instead, though, she grabbed her stomach-- the only sound that escaped her mouth was an agonized groan. She lifted her head, confusion warring with anger in her eyes. "You... you..." She curled into a tighter ball, unable to finish even a sentence for the pain slowly spreading through her body.

"Those weren't threats," he said simply, "those were promises. It's too bad you decided to push me." He watched, expressionless as the fire finished devouring her from the inside and exploded outward, consuming the empty husk, until all that was left was a small pile of odd grey ash. Warren kneeled down and gathered it up in the palm of one hand, and stepped over to the corner of the room. "A trash can. She always was a bit of a neat freak," he commented to himself, dumping her ashes unceremoniously into the bin and dusting his hands off on his pants.

"Alright," Warren sighed, hefting Will up, draping on of the boy's arms around his shoulder. "Let's get you to a hospital, Stronghold."

When Will woke up in the hospital, still shivering and cold, Warren was sitting in the chair beside his bed. The villain's son sat, legs crossed, reading a book, the glasses he wore as part of his civilian disguise perched on the tip of his nose. "You're awake," he said, without bothering to look up.

Will grinned weakly, clutching the covers around him. "Yeah. It's freezing in here. Could you get the nurse to turn up the heat?" He didn't realize what a silly queston that was until Warren, still without looking up from his book, reached out and rested an unnaturally warm hand on Will's arm, causing the surrounding temperature to shoot up. With a laugh, the younger hero scooted upright in his bed. "So, what happened to Freeze Girl? Is she in jail?" He asked, eager to know what had become of one of their first nemises.

Warren closed the book, eyebrows arching as he looked up at his partner. "I'm sorry, Stronghold. She... got away."

Will wasn't too upset, though. He grinned widely, pumping a fist. "When she comes back, we'll be ready for her, though! Don't think we won't!"

Warren nodded, although his expression showed little but scorn for Will's enthusiasm. "I'm sure we will."
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